Saddlebag Lake Resort

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Saddlebag Lake Resort (SLR) is scheduled to open Friday July 1, 2016!!!!

SLR is currently listed for sale for $349,000.
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The sale of the resort includes all the buildings, furniture/fixtures, kitchen equipment, boats, motors, docks, trailers, shed, and more!  This is an amazing opportunity to help continue a legacy while enjoying your summers in the beautiful Outdoors.  Saddlebag Lake Resort operates under special use permit from the Inyo National Forest Service.

Saddlebag Lake Resort is an all-time favorite amongst the fisherman who frequent the Eastern Sierra.  It is one of the few areas where you can catch a “High Sierra Slam”.  Now this is no easy task!  The High Sierra Slam requires you to pull in a golden, a brown, and a brook trout all in one day.  many try, but most come home a fish or two short of the trio.  However, the one consistent thing that all the local Saddlebag fisherman do have in common is that they all enjoy spending the day in and around Saddlebag Lake trying to get the High Sierra Slam.

But that’s not all Saddlebag has to offer.  What many don’t know is that the SLR restaurant cooks up some amazing food too!  The Café is very well known for its homemade pies and cakes.  The Café opens at 7:00am every day and serves up some fantastic breakfast followed by lunch in the afternoon.  Menu items later in the day include things like hamburgers and sandwiches.  They close down the grill at 6:30pm every day.  Additionally, they serve both hot and cold drinks, fresh coffee and more.

SLR is also well-known amongst hikers and mountaineers as the main trailhead leading into the 20 Lakes Basin and southern section of the Hoover Wilderness.  At the back of the lake you can hike the main trail as a loop in either direction to really enjoy the full ambience that the 20 Lakes Basin has to offer.  And although the hike is at 10,000 feet elevation, there is very little elevation gain or lost during the loop.  So this can be just as enjoyable of a hike for experienced hikers as for beginners.  And to really sweeten it, catch the boat ferry (water taxi) across the lake and back to both start and finish your hike and save yourself two extra miles in both directions.  This shaves over four miles off your day and leaves you the energy and time to get a made to order hamburger and a slice of pie!

Sick of fishing off the shore and want to cast out into the deeper water?  Well walk into SLR and rent a 12-foot fishing boat.  Each boat is equipped with a small outboard motor.  These boats can be rented for 2-hours, half-day or full-day.  The friendly SLR staff will be happy to help you and the General store has all the fishing licenses and equipment you’ll need for the day.  they carry an assortments of lures, fishing line, bobbers, flies, and fishing poles.

Saddle Lake Resort is located just off Highway 120 up Tioga Pass just before the east entrance of Yosemite National Park.

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Written by Eric Leach of Resort Property Realty, Inc.

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  1. Bruce Young

    what’s the cash flow like. I currently own a home in Mammoth and I am looking for an oppertunity to move to the sierras full time. Feel free to contact me at 909-677-9845

  2. Peter Vu

    Hi Eric,

    I wanted to know what the lease terms are with the Forest Service for the Saddlebag Resort Property? I read somewhere that the lake is man made and is used for hydro power. Is there info on any guarantees on the minimum lake levels?


  3. James Rademacher

    Is Saddlebag still for sale?


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