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Rafael dos Anjos (known as RDA) is currently ranked Number Two in the world for Lightweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  RDA fights November 5th in Mexico City against Tony Ferguson at UFC Fight Night.  In preparation for his upcoming battle, Rafael has come to Mammoth Lakes to focus on his high altitude training.

The Town of Mammoth Lakes sits at 7,880 feet in elevation.  Professional and world-class athletes from all over have always come to Mammoth to help push their training to the next level.  But this is the first time that we have seen an athlete from the Mixed Martial Arts realm utilize all that Mammoth has to offer.

The Mammoth Lakes Jiu-Jitsu (MLJJ) program in combination with the Snowcreek Athletic Club (SAC) has given RDA and his fight camp the support needed to maximize his high altitude training leading into his fight against Ferguson.  RDA appears to be very pleased with the facilities and equipment at MLJJ & SAC, and they are obviously pleased to have him part of the athletic environment in Mammoth.


Mammoth Lakes Jiu-Jitsu is the main Brazilian jiu-jitsu instruction in the Eastern Sierra.  They offer adult class classes three days a week, and kid classes two days a week.  The program also offers adults kickboxing and Muay Thai classes, as well as “open mat” nights where the jiu-jitsu students can drill and spar working with what they have recently learned.  A full description of the program be found at www.MammothLakesJiuJitsu.com.

The Snowcreek Athletic Club is the premier gym and athletic facility in Mammoth.  SAC has a full weight room, cardio room, yoga classes, basketball court, indoor pool, outdoor pool, tennis courts, Double Eagle Spa, dance program, Mammoth Trampoline Club, and more.

RDA armbar

RDA is Brazilian born and started his training at a young age in Rio de Janeiro.  He now trains out of Kings MMA in Southern California.  He is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt with the polished ability to strike, takedown, and finish his opponents via submissions.  He holds a professional UFC record of 25-8-0 and is 31 years of age.

Coming to Mammoth to train is providing RDA essential high altitude training!  When an athlete comes to Mammoth from sea level and trains for their sport, their body begins producing extra red blood cells.  Having a high red blood cell count increases the oxygen within the bloodstream.  The effect of this is that the athlete experiences a change in their physiology which gains them a competitive advantage.  That change typically lasts 10-20 days after the athlete returns back to lower altitude.

We wish RDA the best of luck on his upcoming fight, despite knowing that after his two weeks of training in mammoth, it is his opponent that will need luck on their side.

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Written by Eric Leach of Resort Property Realty and Mammoth Lakes Jiu-Jitsu.


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