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What I love about Mammoth Lakes is that you really don’t need to own a car to live here; especially during the winter where everything is so close.  And what makes this possible is the FREE shuttle service that zigzags itself through our 4 square mile town.

2013 Mammoth Lakes Winter Transit Routes

Here is the Winter Transit Routes for 2013.  You’ll see that it’s been made real easy by giving each bus route a name of a color.  This way if you need to get somewhere tricky, you just hope from one color to another and you should be there in minutes.  On the Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Line’s, the frequency is ever 15 minutes, and these are most likely ones of the four bus lines that you would need to get anywhere.  What I love about the Red Line is that it starts and stops at both the Snowcreek Athletic Club and Mammoth Mountain’s Main Lodge.  That right there covers just about the longest distance commute there is in Mammoth.

This winter season I have been making it a point to try and take the bus up to the mountain on days I am skiing.  This has been a great convenience, especially on those storm days when I don’t want to shovel out the snow in front of my garage and hassle with getting the car out.  I just suit up at home, get my boots on, grab my board or skiis, and do the short walk to the nearest bus stop.  I find that I am at the slopes just as fast if not faster than if I would have taken my own vehicle.  And when it’s time to head home, I just reverse the process.  Not only is this convenient, but it’s also a “greener” approach to living and saves both the environment and my pocket book from the negative effects of gasoline purchasing.

For more information on Eastern Sierra Transit Authority (ESTA) and/or the Mammoth Area Shuttle (MAS), please

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