June Mountain Scheduled to Reopen!

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For those of you who are Mammoth Mountain MVP Season pass holders, then you probably already know the good news…..June Mountain Ski Resort will reopen for the 2013/2014 ski season.  Maybe locals and tourists alike were disappointed this season when it was announced that June was not opening for their usual ski operations.

But in Rusty Gregory’s letter that was recently emailed to all MVP pass holders, Rusty promised the MVP pass will include unlimited skiing at both Mammoth and June.  His letter actually states that “June Mountain will be re-opening next year with a new focus on families, particularly those new to skiing and riding.”  For those of you that got the letter, this part was right under where he stated the new price for the MVP pass and basically says you have two weeks to give him your money before he jacks the rate up on you.  Typically Rusty/Mammoth B.S.!

And I’m not quite sure what a “focus on families” means, but just as long as those families stay out of my way on J1 and J7 on one of our epic Eastern Sierra powder days!  Just kidding of course…I think June is an ideal place for families to avoid the crowds and learn to ski on a smaller, flatter, Ma & Pa type ski resort.  That is if the kid doesn’t freak out after riding up the rackety J1 chair which I think is about as old as I am.

Here’s an article that just came out in the Mammoth Times regarding the news.

On a different note, I enjoyed the three times my dogs and I did a split boarding adventure on June Mountain this year.  It was quite nice having the whole place to ourselves with no people, employees, noise, movement, etc.  But at least now I know I can take the ‘for sale’ sign off my Burton Fish as that is definitely my tool of choice when rising June on a big pow day.  There’s nothing like a 164” fish to carry you across the flats as you race back to J7 to go get another lap!

For those of you who are not familiar with June Mountain, check it out.

I hope you see you out there!!!

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