How To Survive Your Family Vacation At The Lake

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Summer vacations by the lake are a hallmark of American tradition, and should be full of sunshine and great experiences that you and your loved ones will undoubtedly cherish for years to come. However, things like sunburns and soggy purses can get in the way of relaxing, spoiling even the happiest family’s dream holiday. I just want you to get the most out of the time you get to spend away from it all together- So I’ve made a list of practical advice to help you do just that. (Feel free to print this out and pack it in with your sunscreen.)

Know You And Your Kid’s Limits

Baby Crying

99% (Okay, it’s more of a cool 85%) of the time, your children are probably wonderful creatures. But just like adults, they do get to a point where they are too hot or too tired to do anything else. Nothing spoils a positive family memory like a toddler pushed past the point of no return, so plan accordingly.

Just Make One Memory At A Time

Retro Family Road Trip

It’s easy for some parents to get caught up in the VACATION RUSH where you feel like you have to walk all the trails and do all the exciting water activities and plan it out to the last letter, but that doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for fun. While having a set schedule is great, don’t forget to go with the flow. Sometimes most unforgettable memories are made when you put down the itinerary and just focus on what feels right to do right now.

Accept That Something You Love Might Get Wet, Lost or Ruined

Lost and Found

You need to embrace the fact that you are by the lake, and therefore kind of up against the elements here. There’s wind, lots of water and maybe even a rogue dropped ice cream cone or two. Let’s face it, the odds of your clothes/designer purse/grandma’s vintage heirloom sunglasses getting stained, blown away or broken are pretty high. While misplacing something we cherish is always disappointing, try and keep things in perspective. Walk it off, remind yourself that things are just that, things.

Champion Peace In The Digital Age

Tourist Photo

As much as some of us try and fight it, we are living in the digital era. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and e-mail are as much a part of our communication as sitting and talking at the dinner table. It may be tempting to institute a family wide technology ban in order to reconnect with each other, but cutting yourself (and your teenagers) off from the outside world can be pretty disruptive and unnecessarily restrictive. If connectivity is a priority for some members of your family, make sure they have the option. If you’re worried about people being distracted by their phones, discuss your concern and set up a few allocated ‘unplugged’ activities where everyone has to leave their gadgets at home. That way nobody feels ‘punished.’

It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets A Sunburn

Sun Burn

It’s happened to all of us at some point in our lives, when you’ve been outside at the lake since breakfast and forgot to lather yourself up in sunscreen. By the time you’re home for lunch, you look like a human lobster. Besides being Summer’s greatest killjoy, severe sunburns are obviously horribly uncomfortable and cause skin cancer. Nobody wants ANY of that, now do they?

Last but not least:

Stay away from Crystal Lake, New Jersey.
Killer Mask

Try this Crystal Lake instead.

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