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If you are planning on selling your home soon, it can’t hurt to know what buyers are looking for these days.  And perhaps even more important is what they AREN’T!  Here are the top 7 residential home features that buyers ARE NOT wanting when it comes time to choosing a home to offer on:

What Buyers Don't Want

1)    Elevator – Well thankfully there are only one or two homes in all of Mammoth Lakes that have one of these.  But if you are buying in a “condo-hotel” project like Juniper Springs Lodge, Westin Monache, 80|50 Private Residence Club, or anywhere in the Village at Mammoth, an elevator is just part of the package.

2)    Just a shower stall in the master bath – Where’s the bathtub?  Or more importantly, where’s the Jacuzzi-tub?  Thankfully today’s builders are smart enough to not do that anymore.

3)    Wet Bar – I guess no one appreciates the 80’s anymore!

4)    Laminate countertops – These things went out like Styrofoam and kickstands!

5)    Outdoor kitchen – But don’t worry boys, the outdoor BBQ’s are here to stay!

6)    Glass-front cabinets – I have to say that I’m a little surprised here that this made the top 7 list.  I’ve had a few buyers recently add these in after the close of escrow as part of their light remodel.  I think when done right they look good.

7)    Ceramic tile countertops – So that’s why it seems like almost every Mountainback condo at Mammoth is on the market.

I’ll tell you though what really blows my mind.  How the heck did trash compactors not make the list!?!?!  There can’t be a person left out there that sincerely likes those things.

Written by Eric Leach / 800-921-6520 / eric@ResortPropertyRealty.com

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