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In the age of being “green”, saving our planet is a hot topic and a lifestyle that many have adopted into their everyday routine.  Whether the motivation is saving money or saving energy, there are literally thousands of easy choices we can make in our lives that will lead to a healthier, wealthier, and more sustainable future.

Here are some quick tips that you can adopt at your home to help make a difference!

  • Each time one of your household incandescent light bulbs burns out, replace it with the newer CFL or LED type light bulbs that use only a fraction of electricity while still producing the same amount of light.
  • Be sure your water heater is insulated.  Additionally, turn down the temperature by just one setting or just a few degrees.
  • Upgrade your original toilets to a low-flow or dual;-flush toilet.  If you don’t have it in your budget to this, as easy trick is to put a brick or full 2-liter bottle in your toilet tank.  These will help take up volume in the water reservoir and save you water on every flush.
  • Put a second trashcan in your kitchen or garage for recyclables only.  Then seek out the nearest recycle center in your community to start dropping off your recyclable trash there.  This typically includes glass, aluminum, plastic, and cardboard.  And depending on your use volume and whether or not you need to separate recycle products at your recycle center, an allocated trashcan for each makes things easy if you have the room.
  • Start composting any compostable trash.  You can purchase a small and efficient compost machine, or even create one yourself if you have a backyard to store it.  Look online for various ways and products to start turning your trash to soil that you can put back into your plants.
  • Turn down your fridge and freezer settings just a few degrees.
  • Upgrade to a high efficiency washer/dryer.

These are just a few of key changes to can make to both your lifestyle and your home in effort to support the sustainability of our planet!

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