What a Day!!!

Sep 4, 2013 | Blog | 0 comments

So yesterday the weather report kept saying “less than one inch of accumulation” for both Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.  Meanwhile I was watching the snow accumulate on my deck and continue to get taller and taller.  Finally by late afternoon I headed up to Mammoth Mountain with a friend of mine to see how things were fairing up there.  We were able to get some fantastic runs in for the last hour and a half that they were open.  I’ll save you the details since this morning’s skiing triumphed that!

By the time I got back to my house, I could see that the snow on my deck had doubled in just those two hours I was gone.  I immediately contact my staff and partners and started cancelling all morning meetings for the day.  Living in Mammoth, fresh powder must take priority over work sometimes….and let’s face it; who really pays attention in a meeting when they know all their friends are right up the street chasing chairs for their claim of first tracks down each run?

Now with the morning schedule free, I got up to Mammoth Mountain right at 8:30am.  And with 1-2 feet of fresh fluffy snow, there was no chance of disappointment.  Starting the morning from Eagle Lodge, I quickly made way over to chair 22.  A few laps there, one on 25, and then 5 was open.  Did a few on 5 and decided to head towards 3.  As we made way to 3, low and behold the infamous top had opened and gondola was taking people all the way up.  So that was a no-brainer.  Climax down to 23 and then lots of laps on 23 after that.  Finally we decide to head to the backside to see how the Hemlocks filled in.  A quick hike and a great descent down!  14 was having issues so we jumped on 13 back down to bottom Gondi.  Straight up to the top, hucked myself off Dave’s and lapped chair 9 until starving and tired was an understatement!

I have a long night of work ahead of me….but these are days we live for!!!!

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