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I had the unique opportunity to show property this last week on one of the US Forest Service cabins that are for sale within the Mammoth Lakes Basin.  Typically this would be the sort of property that would be shown to prospective buyers during the summer months, but I’ve been working with a set of clients who have interest in owing one of these cabins for both winter and summer use.  So I grabbed the keys from the listing agent and set a time to meet at the property.

The couple snow shoed in with their young son, and I started from Tamarack XC Ski area and used my splitboard to skin a direct path to the cabin.  I met the clients on the trail just about a quarter mile from the cabin.  As we approached this Lake Mary Tract of cabins, I found the cabin for sale and pushed ahead of them to assess the situation.  With the amount of snowfall that we’ve already received here in Mammoth Lakes, I knew that it could be tricky getting in.  I circled the cabin and could not identify a front door.  However, as I made my way around the back, I found the upstairs, second story, door to the loft that was now a quarter buried and very much on a ground floor for us.  I hollered back to my clients and quickly broke out my collapsible shovel from my backpack and started digging.

By the time they made it to me, I was pulling out the keys are ready to open the home up for viewing.  Well just when I thought everything was going to plan, I realized that they key I had for the back door didn’t work.  so after a few minutes of jiggling the key and hoping for success, I came to the conclusion that I was just wasting time at this point and needed to revert to Plan B!

Plan B:  pretty simple really; find where the front door may be and start digging like it’s the gold rush.  So I found the front door and started to dig.  After a few minutes I could see what resembled a true front door….well kind of.  So I took a quick brake and snap this photo.

Long story, short….I got all four of us in there after some good ol’ fashion sweat.  We viewed the home, discussed its pros and cons, and said our goodbyes.  I locked back up the cabin and set off skinning back down the trail in excitement for the quick snowboarding turns I was soon to make in route back to my car.

Now if that’s not “backcountry realty” then I don’t know what is!

If you are curious about the details on this fantastic 900 square foot, 3-bedroom cabin, you can see some photos and details here:  Click Here to View Listings

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