Avoid Real Estate Scams

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Top Ten Signs You Are Being Scammed

Mortgage fraud is on the rise. Be alert to any individuals or companies that:

  1. Want money up front for mortgage assistance
  2. Offer to fill out paperwork for you
  3. Claim to be doing a “forensic audit”
  4. Ask that payment be made directly to them, rather than to your bank
  5. promise to modify a mortgage or prevent foreclosure, no matter the circumstances.
  6. Advise you to stop making mortgage payments
  7. Suggest you lease your house and buy it back over time
  8. Require payment in the form of cash, cashier check or wire transfers
  9. Advise you transfer your property deed or title to them
  10. Ask you to give them power of attorney

If you think you’ve been scammed, file a complaint online or call the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) at 855-411-CFPB

Sources: C.A.R. & the CFPB



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